Cebu Pacific Completes Aircraft Deliveries for 2023


Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB), the Philippines’ leading carrier, finishes 2023 strong as it completed its 19 aircraft and engine deliveries for the year, fulfilling its goal to improve its operations and address the growing demand for air travel.

Of the latest aircraft deliveries for November and December, two (2) are Airbus A330neo, while the rest are A321neo, A320neo, and A320ceo. These brand-new aircraft have increased CEB’s commercial fleet size to 77.

“Cebu Pacific achieved a historic milestone with a record number of aircraft deliveries this year. These additions to our fleet not only bolster our capacity to fly more passengers but also underscore our commitment to ensure every Juan gets to fly to their destinations,” said Alex Reyes, CEB Chief Strategy Officer.

To further boost its capacity, CEB also signed on December 5 a damp lease agreement with Bulgaria Air for two (2) Airbus 320 CEO aircraft that will service two domestic routes — Cebu and Davao — in line with continued post-pandemic air travel recovery.

CEB currently operates one of the youngest fleets in the world, with its diversified fleet mix enabling the widest network coverage in the Philippine composed of eight (8) Airbus 330s, 35 Airbus 320s, 20 Airbus 321, and 14 ATR turboprop aircraft. 

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