Spicy, subtly sweet and salty, and never boring: I found my new favorite affordable combo!

Lazy Susan's Sichuan Noodle and Bao, Iloilo City

Prices have gone up and as much as we want to enjoy dining outside, it has become truly burdensome for most people. In the case of the Ilonggos, many food establishments have come up with consumer-friendly meal prices to answer this issue. 

Affordable yet tasty meal combos captured the heart of the food-loving Ilonggos! 

As I was saying, we couldn't deny that dining out has become really expensive, thus many people would always look for cheaper options to satisfy their hunger and cravings without compromising the taste.

Whenever my senses yearn for an umami taste, I'll end up walking to SM City Iloilo Food Hall grabbing a pair of Lazy Susan's perfect combo, the Sichuan Noodles and Pork Bao for only P79.

This unique sensational pair has become my go-to meal, especially in late afternoons. I would normally share it with my partner, coz' the serving size is quite more than enough for me.

The softness of the bao shell wrapping the juicy thin pork strips gives balance to the spicy and subtle saltiness of well-coated Sichuan noodles. 

The distinctly strong taste of the noodles eaten with the soft pork bao has clung to my memory. I would still occasionally self-talk about how affordable and delicious this combo was. It's just, so right!

Well, Lazy Susan has grown admirably since they started in 2021. The brand has indeed improved a lot. And I believe, it has brought the unique taste of Taiwan to our city, but in a more economical way.

This combo meal is something I would gladly recommend to those who are looking for an enjoyable chowtime without regretting spending too much.

Now that you know about Lazy Susan and my favorites, it'll be nice for you to try it and taste it yourself! Tag me when you get there, and share with us what you think of it!

Diamond Georgina

Diamond Georgina is a lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger based in Iloilo City. Apart from blogging and being a professional salesperson, she loves filming (video content), traveling, and emerging in communities. She considers herself a life-long learner. Feel free to collaborate.

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