Häfele showcases German-Quality Appliances at Imperial Appliance Plaza

Häfele showcases German-quality appliances at Imperial Appliance Plaza, Iloilo City
Häfele showcases German-quality appliances at Imperial Appliance Plaza

Ilonggos can now reimagine their kitchens with premium home solutions as Häfele launches its newest showroom at Imperial Appliance Plaza.

Showcasing the finest German-quality kitchen and home appliances for Ilonggos, Häfele’s officially opens its new home at Imperial Appliance Plaza in Muelle Loney Street, Iloilo City, Philippines on March 1, 2024.

The new Hafele showroom promises a spectacular selection of cutting-edge kitchen solutions from both Hafele and Bosch. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore a wide array of appliances, including sleek kitchen hobs, versatile freestanding cookers, efficient range hoods, time-saving dishwashers, precision built-in ovens, and coffee machines designed for the ultimate brewing experience.

Hafele Iloilo Philippines, German-Quality Appliances

Häfele’s expansion underscores the brand’s commitment to providing homeowners and design professionals in the region with access to German Quality Home Solutions.

To know more about the latest updates from Häfele Philippines, visit its website, https://hafelehome.com.ph/. You may also follow its official Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn accounts @HafelePhilippines.

About Häfele Philippines

Established in 1992, Häfele Philippines has been the manufacturer and distributor of German Quality Home Solutions, including home appliances, architectural hardware, furniture fittings, storage solutions, and electronic access control systems for over 30 years. Around the world, customers from the furniture industry, dealers, joiners, and cabinet makers, as well as architects, builders, and homeowners all rely on the expertise and performance of Häfele for over 100 years.

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