Our PlanEat: A Food Review by Jihye Lee, South Korea

Contributed by Jihye "Roselyn" Lee, South Korea

Do you like eating vegan food? Let me introduce to you this nice vegan restaurant in South Korea called Our PlanEat which serves great vegan options. These are made available in pursuit of a better relationship between nature and human through their dishes.

Salad by Jihye Lee; Our Planeat
Salad by Our PlanEat, Photo by Jihye Lee

The first dish is a salad with roasted chicken breast. I usually don’t like salads, but this rice crisp was surprisingly good. The sauce was flavorful, though a bit spicy. You can mix everything in to enjoy a tasty and healthy bowl.

tacos with traditional grilled fish called gamjadeok
Tacos with traditional grilled fish called gamjadeok by Our PlanEat, Photo by Jihye Lee

They are also serving tacos with traditional grilled fish called gamjadeok (that's not the real name; that's just the way I call it).

Korean-style Arancini by Jihye Lee
Korean-style Arancini by Our PlanEat, Photo by Jihye Lee

The other dish is called Korean-style Arancini, It is made from wild mushroom risotto.

Vegan Burger shot by Jihye Lee aka Roselyn
Vegan Burger by Our PlanEat, Photo by Jihye Lee

While this vegan burger is another perfect dish that I had in Our PlanEat! The patties were crafted from soy protein, while both the bun and sauce are exclusively composed of plant-based ingredients.

It isn't easy to explain every dish. It is certainly incomparable to the owner's mind and passion while making the dishes.

I can say that the experience was extremely motivating. I enjoyed all the delicious food by Our PlanEat. It was a perfect lunch!

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