The page has been opened for the making of the Iloilo City Gastronomy Book.

Guillermo ‘Ige’ Ramos, award winning book designer and writer, creative consultant and Philippine Gastronomy expert, led the workshop on publishing and gastronomy.

This was attended by Iloilo's writers, chefs, city government executives, partners, and stakeholders who are ready to share their expertise through stories and arts to showcase Iloilo City’s culinary excellence and experience.

Spearheading the project is no less than Iloilo City First Lady Rosalie Sarabia-Trenas.

The publication of gastronomy book, to be released in June 2024, will be one of the initiatives of the city government in carrying out its commitments as member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) as Creative City of Gastronomy.

Mayor Jerry TreƱas reiterated that this gastronomy book will be an output of a greater and more inclusive collaboration between the Iloilo City Government and partners telling not just about food but inspiring and beautiful stories of Ilonggo gastronomy.

The city mayor is scheduled to attend the UCCN Annual General Membership Assembly in July this year in Portugal. He will be bringing with him the Iloilo City Gastronomy Book. (Iloilo City PIO)

Diamond Georgina

Diamond Georgina is a lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger based in Iloilo City. Apart from blogging and being a professional salesperson, she loves filming (video content), traveling, and emerging in communities. She considers herself a life-long learner. Feel free to collaborate.

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