Alanna Patricio: Ilongga artist releases 3rd single ‘Eternity’

"Eternity" by Alanna Patricio
"Eternity" by Alanna Patricio

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“Eternity” is a heartfelt composition that revolves around themes of love and hope.

After the resounding success of her first two singles, Ilongga singer and songwriter Alanna Patricio is back with her latest track, “Eternity.”

“Eternity” is a heartfelt composition that revolves around themes of love and hope. Alanna penned this track to inspire listeners, emphasizing that even when love falters, we can rebuild it from the ground up. Her poignant lyrics remind us that with love, everything will eventually be alright.

"Eternity, 2024" by Alanna Manuele Patricio
"Eternity, 2024" by Alanna Manuele Patricio is now available on Spotify, and all music streaming platforms.

Gratitude and Anticipation

In a recent Facebook post, Alanna expressed her gratitude to fans: “I am super grateful for all the positive feedback you’ve been showing me! I hope you continue to support me through this journey.”

Her first single Density was released in December 2023, her second, Moonstruck came out in March 2024 and her third, Eternity was released in April 2024.

All three singles are available on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and other music platforms.

Stream now on SpotifyDensity | Moonstruck | Eternity

Alanna’s Musical Journey

Alanna’s musical journey began with the piano. At the tender age of seven, she dreamt of playing on a grand stage, prompting her to beg her parents for piano lessons. Interestingly, she didn’t have any musical influences at home; her passion was purely fueled by that vivid dream.

Today, Alanna not only writes songs but also showcases her talent on both the piano and guitar. Fans can catch her performances on her Facebook page, “Alanna Patricio PH”, and other social media accounts.

Alanna’s songwriting philosophy is unique. She believes that a song’s creativity doesn’t solely originate from the artist but also emerges through the interpretations of listeners.

“In my eyes, a song’s creativity doesn’t just come from the artist but from the listeners as well. That’s why I enjoy writing indie-alternative pop songs with ambiguous messages for my audience to interpret. I hope you enjoy my music!” she said.

Q&A with Alanna

Question: You mentioned that you didn’t have any musical influences in your household growing up. How did you discover your unique sound and style? Were there any artists or genres that inspired you along the way?

Alanna: I was mainly inspired by artists in alternative/indie pop such as Melanie Martinez, Beach Bunny, and Girl in Red when I first started making music. Currently, I’m still discovering what style I wanna go for, but I know that I’m aiming for an indie/alternative path.

Question: As a songwriter, how do you approach the creative process? What inspires your songwriting, and how do you translate your emotions and experiences into lyrics?

Alanna: Personally when I song write I try to base it off of emotions I feel in a moment. Sometimes it’s spontaneous and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes I’ll write it down on paper and sometimes I’ll type it in my phone’s notes app. It all starts with a bunch of words describing how I feel and then stringing them together into a cohesive song.

Question: As an llongga with Filipino-American roots, how does your cultural background influence your music? Are there any specific cultural elements that find their way into your songs?

Alanna: As proud as I am of my cultural background, there is really no specific cultural influences in my music.

Alanna is a 17-year-old student based in Florida, USA, and has already made waves. Her singles have garnered thousands of views and listens, earning her a spot on radio stations.

Alanna hasn’t forgotten her roots—her parents hail from Iloilo, Philippines. This July, Alanna plans to return to Iloilo for a promotional tour. Fans can look forward to mini-shows and guest appearances as she shares her music with her parents’ hometown.

Stream Alanna Patricio’s Songs

You may stream Alanna’s songs via Spotify and YouTube. These are also available on iTunes and other music platforms.


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