Bang-up: Still Drooling After Trying Maggu's Hispanic Burger's Most Special Item | I.C.U.


It's Thursday afternoon, around 3 and it only took me less than 30 minutes to decide, grab the telephone for reservation and excitedly went to a food spot that sells this delicious burger I just saw on Facebook.

My best friend and I drove to the place fast and arrived to Maggu's Hispanic Burger with a growling stomach!

The place was cool and nice, nothing fancy. There were pretty trees around the vicinity. I find it relaxing and peaceful. This mini restaurant is not difficult to find because it is just along the roads of Brgy. Tacas, Jaro, Iloilo City.

These are Coke Collector's Items. :)
As we were waiting for the staff to approach us, we roamed around the cool place and noticed some collections waiting for us to greet them.

We ordered the best from their menu since it's our first time to jump in and dine. We looked at the menu and everything was just mouth-watering.

Order now!
You know what, I don't wanna make extra-extra untrue ideas about this, but yea, really, before we got our orders we jokingly told our selves, "good luck to us".

We opted for just one (1) huge item called ICU (with triple patty with special sauce, tomatoes and lettuce). It was the heaviest serving available. The patty's total weight is half kilo of meat. (drooling!)

ICU Burger by Maggu's Hispanic Burger for PhP 300. (Mar 3, 2018)

Again, nothing is fancy in this place. When we arrived, there were no other customers aside from us and it was ideal. We waited patiently and just had some meaty conversations as well. Few minutes later, 2 groups arrived and it made the place even fun. :)

This post aims to promote local businesses in my very own Iloilo City. I am truly proud that Filipinos especially Ilonggos are one of the most artistic and risk-takers in the field of business. I admired the courage and beliefs. With hard work and a right system, everything is really possible.

I didn't have the chance to speak with the owner or any representative from the place. What I only knew is that, I enjoyed eating the scary burger today (ICU, scary right?).

I am honestly not really into meat coz' I know it's unhealthy. I prefer vegan food, but yeah, I cheated today and ate a sinful food like this. See more photos below. :)

We own the photo. They own the secret! ICU - (Drools even more.)

I hope I was able to hit my target of showcasing this wonderful meal from a wonderful business. Just wanna remind you to be responsible of your health. You must take anti-cholesterol supplements like OMEGA-3 and fiber-rich fruits and veggies. I am originally an ambassador of health, and I care more about your health!

Enjoy the following photos if you want to see the whole place and discover it by your self. See you next time.
This is how the whole place looks like. #Maggu's Hispanic Burger.

Facebook: Maggu's Hispanic Burger / Binakol (click link)
Location: Binakol Express, Brgy. Tacas, Jaro Iloilo City, Philippines
Tel.No: (033) 393-0371

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