Feature Story: Iloilo City's Famous Die Cast Car Collector - Toto Lavente

"Everyone needs an inspiration. Everybody needs to know their purpose in life and needs a burning passion to inspire others."

Who else doesn't love cars? And who else doesn't love collecting toy cars? ✋🏼

Today's feature is more than interesting, but indeed remarkable and inspirational. Starring our very own, a resident of Manduriao, Iloilo City. A person with so many stories to tell, I am honored to present, Sir Toto Lavente. A passionate collector of Die Cast Cars of different type, in different sizes since year 2000.
Ferrari Collections by Sir Toto Lavente, Iloilo City.
Photo by: glifestyleph
An Ilonggo Die Cast Cars Collector, Sir Toto Lavente.
Photo by: glifestyleph
Before I personally met Mr. Lavente, I randomly connected with him through social media. I saw his account from my friend Charles' Facebook feed a few months ago. His collections caught my attention because they were talking about antique items and toy cars; and not just ordinary toy cars, but Ferrari Die Cast cars. Awesome right?!?

After receiving an electronic invitation for the UNICON event, a gathering of cosplay, character collectors, etc. enthusiasts held at Robinson's Place Jaro last June 2nd, I indulged myself and for me to meet Sir Toto Lavente. I prepared few questions for a short interview.

During our meet up, I asked him about his stuffs and what he specifically do.

And yeah, here are some of the interesting facts about Mr. Toto Lavente, an Ilonggo Die Cast Cars Collector:

Question 1: When did you start collecting these cars?

"I started collecting since 2000 right after retirement. I had my early retirement at the age of 50 years old. I basically had no much things to do, so I developed an interest in collecting die cast cars."

Question 2: Why are you collecting theses toy cars?

"To tell you, I was once a stroke patient and now a survivor. I had minor paralysis in my body year 2008. I found happiness collecting die cast cars. It became my natural therapy and stress reliever. I've no much things to do, so with the passion I have, I have continuously grew the number of my collections. I don't mind spending too much money for these items. I feel happy every time I see them and I just love everything about it."

Question 3: What's the most special item among your collections?

"You know, I have no specific favorite because I am a kind of person who can love everything. I love everything about my collection."
Wonderful car collections. Photo by: glifestyleph

Exceptional cars in every detail.
Question 4: What are you specifically collecting?

"I collect all types. Some collectors collect one brand with different series like if it's Ferrari, it's all Ferrari. In my case, I collect many types. I have Ferrari Cars, Mercedes Benz, Camaro, and many others."

Question 5: What's your message to everyone?

"Collecting items doesn't need to be fast. It takes time. It is an expensive hobby. It is not just a hobby but it is something more. It is passion. It's like a vice that you cannot just easily get rid of. My body is seeking for it."
It's just so beautiful. Photo by: glifestyleph
Additional Information:

Mr. Lavente got most of his toys from abroad and some from our country. Most of his collections are limited edition. He also buys most of his collections from other collectors in the Philippines, and some were traded.

I can personally say that his collections were amazing. I've got a chance to hold and lift some of his Die Cast Cars during the UNICON exhibit. These were real heavy and so realistic. Every part of each type is very detailed. Everything was just amazing!

Die Cast Cars with miniature characters. Photo by: glifestyleph

Every piece is unique.

You've gotta see it your selves. Just message sir Sir Toto Lavente on Facebook. I'm sure he'll be willing to accommodate you.

For more information, please get in touch with him through the following info.:
Sir Toto Lavente Facebook

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