12 reasons why you should choose DLC Probiotics (DL12 Probiotic Plus)

Updated Nov 2021: Probiotics are becoming more popular and in demand when it comes to health matters. "Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. We usually think of these as germs that cause diseases. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy.", published in webmd.com . Probiotics are the soldiers in a human body that boosts immune system. 

To order please click HERE or you may call the following mobile numbers: (63) 977 115 4146 or (63) 998 335 2857.

DLC Probiotic Plus, DL12 Probiotics
DLC Probiotic Plus with 2 billion live microoganisms helpfulfor the body.

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These are the 12 Reasons Why You Should Choose DL12 Probiotic Plus by DLC

1. Convenience: It is in powdered form, has a perforated end for easy-open and can be consumed anywhere anytime. You can take it directly or mix with juice or other healthy drinks. Make sure that the diluting liquid must not exceed 45

2. Delicious Taste: Unlike other powdered supplement and vitamins, the lemon flavour for DL12 Probiotic Plus made it interesting. This product literally tastes like a candy. Kids and adults will surely love it.

3. Storage Wise You don't need to worry about storage. You just have it in a cool, dry and clean place. If you are a person who loves to travel both for work and leisure, you can put it anywhere in your bag, if you are travelling locally or abroad. It is stable and easy to keep.

4. Travel Buddy: Lactobacillus rhamnosus LGG may also help treat or prevent traveler’s diarrhea.

5. Safety Level: DL12 Probiotic Plus is safe for adults, small kids even for babies more than 6 months.

6. Packaging Technology: Packaged and secured with foil wrapping technology. It is a fact that aluminum foil is impenetratable to moisture, light, bacteria and all gases.

7. Probiotic Survival: Triple-layer microencapsulated technology to survive bile and stomach acids. Compound symbiosis can increase the probiotics' tolerance and has a higher survival rate passing through stomach acids and bile.

8. Patented LGG for Better Health: Korea-japan-patent LGG probiotic is the most researched probiotic in the world. It can regulate the body, to change the bacterial flora ecology.

9. 12 Probiotic Strains to Aid Digestion: Employs 12 FDA-approved safety strains of bacteria essential for gut health cultivated with compounded symbiosis aid in the maintenance of our digestive system, regularizing bowel movement. Let the synergy of the functions of each strain keep you healthy.

Product Details and Content: Probiotic Strains:

Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactobacillus bifidum
Lactobacillus casei
Bifidobacterium infantis
Bifidobacterium longum
Streptococcus thermophilus
Lactococcus lactis
Bifidobacterium lactis
Lactobacillus paracasei
Lactobacillus plantarum
Lactobacillus plantarum LP28
Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG

Lactose, Maltodextrin, Skimmed milk powder, powdered sugar, Oligosaccharide, citric acid
Contains 10 billion live microorganisms per gram upon manufacture.

Important Product Details:
  • Standard Packing: 2g x 45 sachets
  • Serving Size: 1-2 sachets daily
  • Quantity: 45 sachets / box
  • Storage Direction: Store sealed product in a cool and dry place.
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Company: Diamond Lifestyle Corporation
  • Exclusively Distributed by DLC Philippines Shareconomy Inc.

10. Allergy Concerns: DL12 Probiotic Plus is fairly allergy friendly. In fact, this product is best recommended for individuals with low immune system to combat and prevent allergens not to show up.

11. No Side Effects: DL12 Probiotic Plus by DLC does not cause any harm or adverse effect to consumers.

12. Money-back Guarantee: DLC does give a 100% money back guarantee to all customers. Specifically, the company gives the users a 30-day trial to try the probiotics. The company cares about you and your health.

How to order?

To order please click HERE or you may call the following mobile numbers: (63) 977 115 4146 or (63) 998 335 2857.

Original Article Written by: Gina Juarez, Philippines
Product details stated above are true and correct based from company documents and materials.

This document was created for information and reference purposes only.
Updated Nov 2021

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