Sunday, November 18, 2018

Renowned Artist Nune Alvarado Launches First Exhibit in ILOMOCA entitled, 'Songs from the Sea'

In the coastal city of Sagay in Negros Occidental, Filipino artist Nunelucio Alvarado has made not only a home but a community.

"Inaawitan ko ang dagat," sats Alvarado of the peace he found in this place -- the kind that has paved the way for a new kind of prosperity, one that feeds back into his community to enrich the lives of its members through art.

Nunelucio Alvarado,  a painter known for his exceptional work
as a social realist. | Songs from the Sea, Nov 10, 2018  
His latest series of paintings and objects dubbed as "Stories of Restoration, Songs from the Sea" is composed of works that appear to be a far cry from the jarring depictions of life in the cane fields and mills for which Alvarado has been known. Instead, the artist takes inspiration from the community he helped create, giving back through art what he himself has gained after over three decades of practice.

"Tonight marks another milestone for us at Megaworld Foundation as we celebrate the first year since we ventured into the intricate world of museum management, and already we are closing the year with yet another highlight exhibit. Nune Alvarado's 'Songs from the Sea' is a moving masterpiece that showcases the beauty of Filipino culture even in mundane everyday experiences. This is only the beginning and we are committed to upholding the undeniable talent of local creative minds and the promotion and preservation of art in the entire region," says Tefel Pesigan-Valentino, Vice President and Head of Marketing and Business Development and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.

Taking Inspiration from the everyday stories of home
A proud Negrense himself, Nunelucio Alavarado is a painter known for his exceptional work as a social realist. A founding member of the Black Artists in Asia - one of the most prominent collectives in the region -- Nune, as his friends fondly call him, is known for large-scale depictions of difficulty and despondency in the cane fields of Negros.

While these works have won him awards and recognition, they have also drawn critical attention to the plight of the sakada, as well as other marginalized members of the society. Alvarado now lives in Sagay City, where he runs Kape Albarako, a cafe and art space that is integral to the city's creative community.

An arts and culture jewel in Asia's 'best township'
ILOMOCA is a Megaworld's first-ever museum located at Iloilo Business Park, the company's bustling 73 hectare township development in Western Visayas which was recently feted as the Country Winner for 'Best Township Development in Asia' at the Property Awards held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The facility proudly embraces the distinction as the first art institution in Visayas and Mindanao exclusively dedicated to showcasing the works of mostly Filipino and Ilonggo artists within the realm
of modern and contempoary art. As a major component in the development of IBP, ILOMOCA serves as a platform for Megaworld in reinforcing its thrust to preserve and promote the Ilonggo brand of artistry, culture and creativity.

Songs from the Sea runs at the Hulot Gallery on the ground floor of ILOMOCA from Nov 10 up to December 10, 2018.

Songs from the Sea by Nunelucio Alvarado | ILOMOCA

Songs from the Sea by Nunelucio Alvarado | ILOMOCA

Songs from the Sea by Nunelucio Alvarado | ILOMOCA

Songs from the Sea by Nunelucio Alvarado | ILOMOCA

Songs from the Sea by Nunelucio Alvarado | ILOMOCA
Songs from the Sea by Nunelucio Alvarado | ILOMOCA
To know more about Nune Alvarado's exhibit, visit ILOMOCA on Facebook or call (033) 320-9903 and (033) 328-1028.


Press Release | November 10, 2018 | Nune Alvarado's Songs from the Sea Art Exhibit

Monday, November 5, 2018

Iloilo Shines with Banaag Festival 2018’s Amazing Light Show | Press Release

Fresh from being hailed as the Philippines’ Best Municipal Festival at the recently held 2018 Pearl Awards, the highly anticipated 14th Banaag Festival in Anilao, Iloilo drew excited tourists from all over the country who came to witness the much talked about Festival of Lights and the spectacular culminating program that set the night blaze with beautiful dancing flames last October 31.

Banaag Festival 2018 - Pangibabaw Beautiful Anilao!

Following the symbolic lighting of the torch, which was lead by Iloilo 4th District Congressman Ferjenel “Dok Ferj” Biron, along with Anilao Mayor Lee Ann Debuque and Anilao Vice Mayor Matet Debuque, this year’s Banaag Festival presented fierce and more enchanting cultural presentations of eight competing tribes vying for the coveted Banaag Festival Dance Drama Competition Championship.

Banaag Festival is a cultural tradition in Anilao, Iloilo which was inspired by local sentinels during the Spanish era who guarded bamboo watchtowers and warned residents of incoming pirates by lighting the torch as a signal to flee. Thus, the torch became a precious symbol of unity for the Anilaonons, and this beautiful burning light has become the source of pride and inspiration for the people throughout the years.

A graceful production dance by the combined dancers from respective Hubons. 

In the recently concluded 19th Pearl Awards of the Association of Tourism Officers of the Phippines – Department of Tourism (ATOP-DOT) held in Cagayan De Oro earlier this month, Banaag Festival bagged the First Place as Best Tourism Festival (Festival Category, Municipal Level), earning for this Anilaonon tradition its much deserved title as the Philippines’ Best Municipal Festival.

More photos here:

Anilao Municipal Officials mayor Lee Ann Debuque and Vice Mayor Matet
 Debuque together with Cong. Ferj Biron as they lit up the symbolic torch.
Hubon Cabugwason as they showcase their their danc drama to
applauding audiences.
Beautiful lights in all colors was shown in the presentations.
The night was filled with blazing lights and colorful gears.
Bana-ag Festival brought back the life of the dark night to a
 festivity full of immense energy. 

Four Choices To Make Money

We understand that living our lives with limited resources will make us feel unfulfilled and unsuccessful most of the time. I am here writing this post to open up an idea that will surely blow your mind and will change your outlook towards life. Learn new things on how to acquire time and financial freedom by owning your non-traditional business.

Opportunity Ahead
by Diamond Georgina, Ph

According to Robert Kyosaki, there are only 4 ways to acquire income. Get ready, sit back and relax,  as we discuss wonderful 

The first way to earn is through employment. It enables you the freedom to choose a job (or a work) that you like to do from 9 to 5. However, employment limits your potential becoming a greater you because you are sense-fully building your boss' dream and not your dreams. I am not saying that being employed is bad, but what we are trying to input is employment isn't the way if you want to earn a satisfactory income and even a better life.

Second way to earn is through Self-employment, a.k.a. Small Business. The boss is you and you own the business. Let's consider this example: Opening your own small convenient store that sells household items in retail. Definitely, putting up a business requires you things (3) important things: capital, skills/knowledge and risk.

Small capital means small income.

Skills/Knowledge is not an option but a requirement for business. Running a physical store or a traditional business is no joke at all. Failure to have skills and knowledge about your business leads to a higher level of risks.

The bigger the investment means a bigger risk.

Third is Big Business. Either you buy a franchise of a big company such as Mc'Donalds, Starbucks, etc. means you'll surely have the return of investment. 
These kinds of business does not sell hamburgers or coffee but it sells a system called "franchising". However, not everyone can afford to buy franchises in millions.

Fourth way to earn to earn through investment. It is the best way to earn. For you are using your money to make more money. Best examples are investing your money in a time-deposit, realty, stock market and buying shares in companies. You needed a lot of money for this.

We are all given the same chances in life. We're given the same 24 hours to live in each day. Our success in not about how high your profession is, nor how rich your family is. It is strongly believed that it based on the witty decisions you make.

Financial freedom is a choice. Go get it! 

An original article by Diamond Georgina, Ph.