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Written by Carla Jane Muega | Essay

Seconds are important for they are the starting point of minutes that turn into hours that turn into days which turn into weeks, months, and years.

The moment the seconds of your life elapsed, you can never grab them back and decide to use them differently.

Grasping this, you will soon realize that small as they are, seconds are precious to you and to God because they are both a creation and a gift of God. The Father has a plan for our life and that goes down to the very second of your life. That's why it's important to put value in every second that you got. In spending our time we should take into consideration how the Father wants us to spend it since we are called to live this life for His purpose and will. No other perfect time to reflect how we spend our precious time than NOW!

The apostle Paul understood this and urges us to "Be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the MOST of your TIME, because the days a…

Megaworld formally unveils iconic Delgado monument in Iloilo Business Park | Press Release

Iloilo City - Philippines, January 19, 2019 - In Iloilo where the city's rich history is present in every corner, the 8.8-meter bronze statue of the greatest Visayan 'revolucionario' General Martin Delgado in Iloilo Business Park (IBP) is something that is hard to miss.

A masterpiece created by Spanish sculptor Gines Serran-Pagan, one of the world's most renowned international contemporary artists, the Gen. Delgado statue has become nothing short of a landmark in the City of Love. Located at the Casa de Emperador inside Iloilo Business Park, the statue stands proudly as a tribute to Ilonggo hero's historic feat.

This year, in the occasion of the annual Dinagyang Festival, Megaworld homors Serran-Pagan in a ceremonial inauguration of Gen. Delgado's statue. The event, which coincides with the kick-off of the Dinagyang Festival, serves as a celebration of Delgado's legacy and the rich history of Iloilo.

"We are very happy to have such an iconic masterpie…

Let's talk about generic sickness

Let's talk about generic sickness
Most of the people I encounter in my sustainable lifestyle journey are: first is sickness of pride; and the other is thriftiness disease. Pride and Thriftiness in One. Every time I take chances sharing what I knew about lifestyle, business and finances, and especially health topics, the people I cared for, aren't too open for ideas. I always say that money is just temporary and what is now is more important. Our life is brittle and our health has no price. We all need to save money for the future, but we always tend to forget investing in what we utilize to build our riches to forever, which is our fragile body. We do not like investing for ourselves now because we care more for what is tomorrow. My point is, save but do not compromise what is now!
Let's take the example of our health status. We always forget to feed and nourish our bodies and don't buy ourselves vitamins, healthy food because we most think it's too expensive... And …