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Crypto Café: Pioneer in the Consu-preneur Restaurant Experience

Crypto Café is a revolutionary restaurant-bar-coffee shop-in-one concept from Roxas City, Capiz, that offers a unique “consupreneur” experience to its customers. Born in the age of technological advancements, Crypto Café aims to leverage on technology to better the lives of its customers, employees, and stakeholders alike.

 Their patented “consu-preneur” system allows consumers to not only enjoy their innovative dishes, but also to be incentivized with point’s consumable in other branches by referring friends and family. This groundbreaking technology sets Crypto Café apart from the competition.

Mr. Ramel Acejo is the visionary entrepreneur behind this forward looking restaurant concept, Inspired by the lifestyle espoused by trading cryptocurrencies, he wanted to establish a face concept along the theme of Crypto trading. At the same time he also wanted to provide earning opportunities for the local growers and farmers which inevitably led to their mutual partnership. Creating a conc…


Whether you’re a tourist or a local, we’ve got you covered!
Iloilo Business Park is known to be the most festive in dining, shopping, and entertainment experience in Iloilo City. Want to know what you can do here? CheckQ out this list and start gathering your buddies ASAP.


Home-grown resto Casa Ibérica recently opened its doors to its fellow Ilonggos serving classic and authentic Spanish dishes and wines. The first and only of its kind in Iloilo City, it is but appropriate that Ilonggos can relate its Spanish heritage with the gastronomy of Spain as they’ve preserved its cultural heritage up to this date.

📍Casa Iberica is located at G/F Festive Walk Mall


Did you know that Barking Cafe is the first-ever pet cafe in Iloilo? Bond with your ​pawtastic ​furry friends while munching over your favorite comfort food like burgers, fries and sandwiches and finish ‘em off with coffee and desserts!

Location: 📍 Barking Cafe…

The Anatomy of a Perfect Pizza | Press Release

All-in Toppings, All-out Experience
Iloilo City, Iloilo–What is it about pizza that makes us crave for it? Is it the sight of oozing cheese, the juiciness of the overloaded toppings or the aroma of a freshly bakedcrust? If you still can’t figure outwhat makes pizza so irresistible, it’s probably because there is an art (and a science) to making the best-tasting pizza. Baking this all-time favorite takes more than just topping the pizzawith all the flavorsome stuff and popping it in the oven. The good thing is, every barkada’s favorite pizza chain, Greenwich,has given several insider tips on how to spot a reallygood pizza.

Hello Iloilo! C is finally here!

Iloilo City, Philippines - Crypto Café is a modern Filipino café, restaurant, and bar for consupreneurs, with a vision of becoming a successful Filipino chain of establishments by 2025, opening opportunities for everyone. 

Born in Roxas City, Capiz, in 2017, we have combined the stylish ambiance of a fine dining restaurant, the comfort of a hometown café and the minimalist functionality of a business venue, providing an innovative dining experience to all. Our SM City Iloilo branch is our second branch as we are franchising soon! 

By 2025, Crypto Café, a chain of Filipino business café, resto, and bar establishment for consupreneurs.

To provide an innovative dining experience which opens opportunities for everyone to better their lives. 

This term is coined by our Chief Executive Officer, Rommel R. Acejo With the advent of technology, we are empowering consumers to become entrepreneurs as well. 

Design Rationale

"This design is a brainchild of Prime Builders …

Deco’s The Father of all Batchoys

The father of all batchoys is Federico “Deco” Guillergan, Sr. The history of batcgoy dates back to the years before the second World War broke out. It was Deco, a butcher who worked at the La Paz market, who gave birth to what is now known as La paz Batchoy, which is named after the district in Iloilo City where it originates.

During that time there were a  lot of Chinese businessman in the city. That gave him the idea to concoct this clear noodle (meke) soup. The modern day batchoy has undergone several modifications. The first batchoy was made of meke (native noodles) submerged into a hot clear soup of boiled bone marrow, meats, guinamos (local shrimp paste) and topped with garlic. Eventually, pork innards and sliced liver were added. The last innovation to be included in the famous batchoy was the chicharon, making it more delicious. It is best paired with fresh egg, puto or pandesal. The people of La Paz first tasted the original Ilonggo soup for only 10 to 20 centavos per bowl s…

Deco’s Original La Paz Batchoy Opens 3rd Branch | Press Release

Deco’s Original La Paz Batchoy brings your favorite batchoy near you as it opens its 3rd branch at Robinsons Place Jaro. This is good news for those living in Jaro and neighboring districts who want to have a taste of the original batchoy. Visiting tourists who are touring the area need not go far to have a taste of Iloilo’s most popular signature soup.

Father of La Paz Batchoy Deco’s Original La Paz Batchoy was founded before war by Federico “ Deco” Guillergan Sr., a butcher in La Paz Public Market. Deco, as what he is called by family and friends, loves to cook and experiment on a soup by combining meke, porke meat, liver, intestines and different spices. Deco’s soup, which he named batchoy, became a big hit to clients at the public market, encouraging him to expand his business. And the rest is history. Ilonggo Heritage in an Asian Concept Deco’s Original La Paz Batchoy Jaro branch is a far cry from the batchoyan in La Paz Public Market decades ago. It is not your typical batchoyan a…