Travel: Lovely Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort, San Joaquin Iloilo

What can we make if we talk to God in a peaceful place? 

A millenial like me would always want something fun and nice after many days of hectic schedule. I could just frown if I am rushed and pressured by others; to live life fast is something I persoanlly don't like. I don't want to compete with time. I believe that life must be enjoyed slowly.

Traveling is my medicine. It is my way to improve my self. It is one best way to I reflect and thank God, how He made my life so beautiful and perfect. Oh, how I love His gift these days and forever; the "luxury of time". Now, I can definitely say yes to most opportunities coming my way. I have been traveling for free, and more free trips coming my way.

Diamond Georgina at Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort in her 1-piece black bikini enjoying the fresh air and hearing the relaxing splash of the sea.

I still can't forget my trip with my friends at Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort in San Joaquin. God really knows when to give a day for rest and fun. It was a quick getaway, but that day was filled with so much fun and so many good memories to keep. In addition, Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort is a nice place for groups, a wonderful place for staycation and also for active sea activities.

What I enjoyed most in Rosma was the perfect and panoramic view of the southern part of Panay. I enjoyed swimming in the medium-size pool and bathing under the sun. My friends and I were so in love with the food served during our day-tour. 

We also checked the available rooms and we found out that the rates are in reasonable prices. They also have big family rooms that can accomodate 10 to 20 people. We stayed the whole day and staffs were always on stand-by always ready to accomodate all our requests.

Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort is fairly new in the market and is continuing to add more facilities to cater all the needs of the public. We met the owner Tita Roslyn, and she was a mother-like to us, so friendly and very accomodating. She is so sweet and kind; she's genuine and full of love; it vibrates. I would pray for her to have more resources, so that she can give more job opportunities for the people of San Joaquin and other neighboring municipalities.

The trip was simply amazing! To God be the Glory!

Here are some of the actual photos I and my friends took during our day trip. Share it to your family and friends and decide when to visit Rosma! 

The panoramic view in Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort.

Rosma Resort serves best lunch and pasta in very reasonable price.

The pool view with water splashing down creates a more relaxing effect, especially if you wanted to just bathe under the sun.

The actual rooms good for 3 pax for a very reasonable price.

The actual rooms good for 3 pax for a very reasonable price.
The actual room that can accomodate 4 pax. You may request an extra folding-bed with matress.

The rooms are clean, air-conitioned and spacious.

Upon arrival, an attractive and delicious welcome drink will be served.

The pool is not too big but it is wide enough to accomodate those who want to swim and play. The pool is clean and well-maintained. 

On the other side, this is the actual look of the outdoor restaurant within Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort. 

Tita Roslyn Majaducon Agpasa, the owner of Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort in Brgy. Idcadlum, San Joaquin.

A candid shot taken by my friend Zach of trndyph.

The complete address of the resort is Brgy. Igcadlum, San Joaquin, Iloilo.
Here we are posing after eating bunch of snacks prepared by the staffs of Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort.

Here are my friends all the way from the city of love, Iloilo City. From the right: Rosmar, Nonoy, Me, Kathy, Zach, Nile, greg and John C.

Rosma outdoor restaurant.