Spa Riviera: Things you should do before and after massage

Whenever you are tired or you just feel like relaxing, a remarkable massage is a must. Visiting a spa at least once a month is advisable, and it will make you more healthy and productive. A massage may be expensive but having one once in a while is a good self-investment. A healthy activity that may help you boost your drive, energy and health status. According to studies, having a nice massage relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation. It also reduces stress and improves skin tone.

Spa Riviera located at Gen. Luna St. City Proper, Iloilo City

If you think you’ve been abusing your body, having a massage is necessary so that you can function well.

This simple and short article aims to give tips and help guide first timers to ensure a wonderful experience. The following items are the things you should and shouldn’t do before and after a wonderful massage:

Do’s before the massage:

1. Book an Appointment. Make sure to call and make a reservation if you are planning to visit a massage center. Establishments, are usually full especially on the weekends. Make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes before your schedule so that you can still cool down and take a shower.

2. Loosen up. Remove all unnecessary clothes like your underwear. Wear a robe or towel before heading to shower or massage bed. Remove and secure accessories like earings, watch, bracelets, necklace, etc. to maximize comfort.

3. Take a Shower. Not all establishments have shower facilities, but if there’s any, grab the chance to take a warm bath to remove dirt and dust from your body, especially if you are coming from work or outdoors. Warm water helps relax your tired body. And by doing so, you won’t need to wash off when you get home, because you are advised not to wet your body for approximately 6 hours after massage.

4. Submit yourself. During the massage, just submit your self to your masseuse. Relax, be calm yet be observant. Listen to the instructions if there’s any and observe the sequence. By doing so, you would be able to familiarize the step-by-step process. Spa establishments have their own signature services and routines. If you have requests and concern, don’t hesitate to inform your attendant. If you are not satisfied how you are being treated, let them know.

After the massage:

5. Get warmth. As much as possible, don’t  drink cold drink nor eat cold food. Your body prefers warm intakes such as herb tea, warm water, or etc. Right after massage, your attendant may put a warm compress.

6. Meditate. Meditation and realization helps you wrap up things and ideas.

7. Share. After getting dressed, settle your bill and be generous enough to mention things you liked (and maybe disliked) with regards to your service. Please do it discreetly if you have concerns. Giving a tip is nice. Each establishment has their unique way of encouraging you to at least give a tip to the attendants, but it is not compulsory.

Tip: Have massage few hours before sleeping. It helps you sleep faster and better. In Iloilo City, massage centers are quite plenty. But where you can usually catch me is at Spa Riviera. They are located at Jabez Bldg. Gen Luna St., Iloilo City; and they’re opening a new branch at SM Southpoint.  Try them and get pampered.

Also, try Skinetics Wellness Center, Nuat Thai, Shana Lacs and Moana Day Spa. 

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