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Jumping Monkeys: Bouncing from company to company

“Bouncing from company to company. Decide to sink your roots deep. 
There may come a time where you have to make a decision, you have to make a move. 
But don’t be a person that every couple of years you pull up roots and go someplace. 
It robs from your reputation in this great profession.” (Eric Worre)

I know people who’s been jumping from one company to another just because it’s new and it’s on what they call “pioneering stage”.
They may have good reasons but I believe that it is disturbing and also destructive. If you do the same thing, you will lose your credibility.
I remember one time, I met a guy while I was riding a bus going to Passi City. 
This stranger confidently started a conversation with me and eventually offered me his so-called “life-changing opportunity”.
I responded to him gently and asked him about his details.
Upon knowing, he mentioned that he has joined this new and unestablished company a week  ago of his life, and this company is a hit trying to open a market in Iloil…