Jumping Monkeys: Bouncing from company to company

“Bouncing from company to company. Decide to sink your roots deep. 

There may come a time when you have to make a decision, you have to make a move. 

But don’t be a person that every couple of years you pull up roots and go someplace. 

It robs from your reputation in this great profession.” (Eric Worre)

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I know people who have been jumping from one company to another just because it’s new and it’s on what they call the “pioneering stage”.

They may have good reasons but I believe that it is disturbing and also destructive. If you do the same thing, you will lose your credibility.

I remember one time, I met a guy while I was riding a bus going to Passi City. 

This stranger confidently started a conversation with me and eventually offered me his so-called “life-changing opportunity”.

I responded to him gently and asked him about his details.

Upon knowing, he mentioned that he has joined this new and unestablished company a week ago of his life, and this company is a hit trying to open a market in Iloilo City.

Tip: When talking to strangers, you can’t just offer a million-dollar opportunity because it’s definitely not gonna work. 

Build rapport and maybe you can try connecting through social media accounts. 

So what I did was, I gave him my business card and told him to set an appointment with me once he is ready to talk about his business.

To cut the long story short, he did not reach out. 

And one fine evening, we coincidentally met again more or less 3 months later. 

He didn’t remember me. He thought I was a new person. 

He approached me while I was sitting in an open dining restaurant and shared about another different opportunity. 

He introduced himself again, but I told him I know him, and so I started making him remember that I met him on the bus talking about this and that.

I asked him what happened to the previous company which he was so crazy about. 

Guess what, he started bad-mouthing people and the company, and was excited about a new thing that he has joined a brand new company with super amazing products. 

I have time so I gave him a chance to speak. 

But eventually, I gently stopped him from talking and told him it was nice meeting him again.

Building a business needs hard work. Study the company first before engaging. 

Your credibility is expensive, protect it. 

Stop jumping from one to another just because it sounds good. 

Also, end each conversation gracefully. 

— Diamond Georgina 💚

Diamond Georgina

Diamond Georgina is a lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger based in Iloilo City. Apart from blogging and being a professional salesperson, she loves filming (video content), traveling, and emerging in communities. She considers herself a life-long learner. Feel free to collaborate.

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