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Obsolete Systems: “You need Multiple Accounts to Maximize Earnings” is definitely a BIG LIE! This quick and indirect overview is for those who are in and who was once into obsolete systems called pyramiding. 

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Joining Obsolete Systems May Hurt You: Joining an opportunity does not necessarily require you to shell out big amounts of money; you can always start small. Coz’ no money is small if you have worked so hard to earn it. That is why, you must be watchful and think many times before investing your money. 

Many people are looking for activities and opportunities that may help their lives become better, by at least having additional streams of income, especially this season of pandemic. And there comes predators taking advantage of your weak emotions and trying to steal your money away by letting you engage to something you do not understand. They will call it a life-changing-opportunity or whatever. And once they got you blinded; promises and unrealistic things follow; you get an account for an unreasonable amount, and tells you to find two heads to join after you so you get paid. 

Days, weeks, months later and you get no one to join you because the system is too difficult and is already bleeding; so you will be encouraged to buy 2 more accounts and tells you it is “positioning” so if the time comes you already got 2 eggs, you get multiple bonus earnings.

Having multiple accounts, a lie. Your first account gets paid from your own expense. And there you are to show the income you got from your own money to entice people. You will end up selling memberships and not learning the proper skills to flourish a real business. 

It’s still up to you, friends. If you still can’t comprehend what I’m trying to say, and want to understand it, I‘m willing to give time over a cup of coffee. As I always say, a capital does not guarantee a return. The money you put in to something you do not know, is not an investment; it is a donation to the company owners. 

I know, not everyone can comprehend this short indirect writing. I don’t want to use awful terms either, just to knock off other people’s hearts and beliefs, it’s still up to you. This is for those who are confuse. I hope this can help prevent heartaches and regrets for those who are considering participating in “obsolete systems”. 

One final word, “If you are considering joining or engaging in a business, please be sure to know, to study and to understand everything, and how it is done; don’t decide according to your feelings; and so, you get very less chances of failing.” 


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