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ISAT-U grateful to MORE Power for fast 69kV line transfer, 2 years neglected

For the last two years, Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT-U) in La Paz district have been hopeful for the relocation of the 69kV line at the vicinity to a safer and higher electric post; neglected for two long years.
The construction of the overpass linking the two campuses of ISAT-U was put on hold a few years back and has been a huge headache for ISAT-U officials due to no action made by the previous power distributor. 

“MORE installed an intermediate pole in order to clear, as per the school’s request, an overpass bridge that crosses the highway and links their two campuses. They had been requesting PECO non-stop for this work to be done for years but it remained a problem until we came along,” said Engr. Paterno Cabangisan, MORE Power’s Head of Transmission Lines.
The hardworking team of MORE Power including engineers and linemen, personally overseen by MORE Power president himself Mr. Roel Castro, together with ISAT-U officials, completed the relocation of the high-volt…

7 home school advice from SM

As the schoolyear begins with online and blended learning innovations, home schooling takes on a different meaning for today’s kids. And they will be needing all the tools to stay smart, creative, and productive from SM Stationery and Gadgets Hub, your one-stop shop for your homeschool needs. SM Stationery has a wide selection of school stuff that will help your kids master distance learning. These include traditional school supplies like writing pads and other paper products to whiteboard and clear file for worksheets; from pens and pencils to markers and highlighters. And as kids navigate their online classes, the Gadgets Hub will keep them updated with Laptops, flash drives, Bluetooth headsets and inkjet printers. How to make the most out of making your home a classroom? Here are some tips for parents from the SM Stationery and Gadgets Hub:1. Set a schedule for your study time with your kid. Let your child set the time for each subject that you want to work on, hour by hour, day by …