The Blu Kitzen food truck spotted in Plazuela Dos Iloilo

The Blu Kitzen

Ilonggos are known as big eaters and fun-seekers, so mobile cafes and food truck ideas is always a good business venture in Iloilo City. 

While I was strolling with my friends along Diversion Road we saw an attractive blu van with a Japanese bike brewing an aromatic coffee. 

The Blu Kitzen

The Blu Kitzen is a newly launched small business in Iloilo that serves burgers, sandwiches, salads, and coffee. The business venture started in July 2020 during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many employees lost their jobs and got no choice but to find other ways to survive especially in the most difficult times. 

The beautiful and well-modified food truck was spotted parking in front of Plazuela Dos Iloilo earlier today, February 6, 2021. 

The Blu Kitzen
Mr. Julix Mendoza of The Blu Kitzen

The Blu Kitzen Story

Julix Mendoza, the owner, and his wife Au decided to start up this innovative business venture after he lost his job because of the pandemic as an all-around restaurant staff in Iloilo. Gladly, Sir Julix was able to return to his day job and retained operations for The Blu Kitzen with his wife. 

They own a good-working spare vehicle and decided to build, modify and make provisions for the planned mobile kitchen. They use to offer products and accept orders online, and eventually evolved and started participating in food fairs. 

The Blu Kitzen Location and Schedule

They are currently parking in front of Plazuela Dos Iloilo to showcase their brand and delicious goods. You might still catch them within this week for a dry run. They are open from 4pm until 9pm daily. 

Check out their IG and Facebook page at The Blu Kitzen for more accurate updates and announcements regarding their brand.

The Blu Kitzen

Don't forget to try their best-seller grilled burger for only Php 60. Support them by telling your friends and family.

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