Things you'll love at Satosa Beach Resort, San Joaquin

San Joaquin is famous for its various and distinctive tourist attractions such as farm resorts, beaches, marine sanctuaries and many more. It is a second class municipality in Iloilo best known for its captivating sunset and water activities such as free diving, snorkling and other interesting activities like surfing. 

satosa beach resort

Tourists are charmed by San Joaquin's unique, rich marine life and pebbly beach resorts. There numerous establishments along its shore has their own wonderful ways of entertaining guests.

Satosa Beach Resort, San Joaquin, Iloilo

One must-visit destination is Satosa Beach Resort, a splashy resort nestled in Brgy. Balabago, San Joaquin, Iloilo. It is a well-structured resort facing the open sea ideal for family gatherings, small and big groups who love to chill, unwind and do water activities at the same time.

Satosa offers various and affordable water activities such as snorking, paddle boarding, and kayaking. The management of Satosa Beach Resort wants to showcase the good place for its competetive and affordable room accomodations, other ammenities like the bar, and the whole team's good quality service. 

Satosa Beach Resort San Joaquin
San Joaquin Beach, Iloilo

Satosa Beach Resort Room Accomodations

Here are some photos from the resort. Take a look and read details carefully.

Satosa Beach Resort
This big room can house ten(10) to fifteen  (15) guests for a night in a reasonable price. It has a almost feature similar to a normal house to give the guests the convenience they need. It has enough number of beds to cater a large group. Airconditioners were installed too and a couple of furnitures.

Satosa Beach Resort San Joaquin
These rooms can house two(2) to four(4) persons each conveniently without worrying with space. It is also well-ventilated and just by the beach.

Satosa Beach Resort San Joaquin
Satosa Beach Resort Bar serves various drinks including fruit shakes, juices depending on availability. They also serve alcoholic drinks such as margaritas, vodka, beers and whiskies.  

How to go to Satosa Beach Resort?

If you are travelling from Metro Manila, you will need to take an hour plane ride going to Iloilo International Airport. From the airport, you can take a van going to SM City Iloilo, fare is around Php 70, then hire a taxi going to Mohon Terminal. Lastly, take a Ceres Bus, fare is around Php 100 (US$ 2) going straight to Balabago, San Joaquin, where Satosa Beach Resort is located. 

The fare rates may always vary due to some circumtances. Feel free to ask around in order to save time.

Also, you can book a taxi to the resort, however, it will cost you so much money. I would still recommend you to take the available public transport vehicles so you can explore the City of Iloilo.

PUJs are also available and way cheaper to travel to your desired destination if you want to see more and immerse with the community.

Don't forget to visit other spots like Garin Farm and the protected diving sites in San Joaquin. 


You can request fro the counter attendant for fresh seafood catch for your meals. This meal shown below was bought from the market and was grilled to perfection. Best paired with sinamak with calamansi. This meal is basic and healthy.

Satosa Beach Resort San Joaquin
Grilled fish for lunch best paired with sinamak and calamansi.

Satosa Beach Resort Location and Contact Details

Location: Satosa Beach Resort, Brgy. Balabago, San Joaquin, 5024, Iloilo


Mobile Number: +63 9498950134


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