Jonas Lozano: Life, Music and Career Highlights

Jonas Regulacion Lozano (born October 29, 1972), better known as Jonas Lozanois a Filipino musician and songwriter based in Iloilo City, Philippines. He joined New Vibe PH as a solo artist and was launched on April 23, 2022, at Robinsons Mall Iloilo Main.

He started to write when he was 19 and composed a song called "Mint Green" [unpublished] following his father's purchase of his first acoustic guitar. 

Jonas Regulacion Lozano, MusicianSongwriter
Jonas Regulacion Lozano, Musician/Songwriter

How Jonas Lozano Started?

Lozano started as a solo artist together with other aspiring musicians and began showcasing his original tracks in September 2020 and performed them at an intimate music event organized by the members of Ilonggo Indie Bands Artists Portal (IIBAP).

Ilonggo indie Bands & Artists Portal (IIBAP) - a support group composed of passionate local musicians focusing on writing and producing original tracks in Iloilo City, helped Lozano achieve his standing today. IIBAP was founded by Markuz Malunda of JAAM, Jon Carlo Monte of Onda Spot, Derf Dicen of LnD, Roger Caballero, and other important people. 

Jon Carlo Monte, one of the core persons of IIBAP took the initiative of submitting the song compilations of Lozano to Madhouse Music Radio and Hit Radio Online through DJ H Henry Nobleza for airplay, both were music radio stations based in Metro Manila.

Lozano's highly contentious song entitled "I Will" was one of the few songs which have been airing on online radios around the Philippines. 

Music and Personal Life

Lozano describes himself as quiet but can be talkative with people he is comfortable with. He considers himself immensely loving and friendly. According to him, he could often fall into misunderstandings with the people around him because of his unusual and intense expression of affection. 

When he was starting out, his father used to buy him his favorite icon's music albums but did not support him recording his compositions. Moreover, his father did not allow him to play in a band. On the other hand, his mother was always there for him giving him support. However, his mom was not impressed with some of the lyrics of his songs which are full of torment and despair.

Interview with Miss Gina Juarez and RM Lobaton for 3K Series broadcasted at PCTV Aklan.

Jonas Lozano is good at conveying his emotions through music. He is a natural performer and a great songwriter. He succeeded in producing and publishing his music with the help of his friends and colleagues, inspiring so many people.

Following his continuous exposure and appearances on different social media channels nationwide, Lozano indeed was able to inspire many artists to keep on growing for things that make them feel alive.

Right now, Lozano has two songs on Spotify (Kanta Ni Kring II; Gusto Ko Sana) giving him revenue and joy. According to Lozano, life was not always good for him. He encountered so many problems including physical health issues and mental breakdowns. He also had a challenging relationship setup with his girlfriend Kring for a long time, who is the subject of most of his songs.

Despite that, Lozano remained resilient, patient, and trusting in God who never gave up on him.

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Early Life

Lozano was born in Bentigan, Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija to Filipino parents.  He was only 12 years when their whole family moved to Iloilo City. Unfortunately, his parents were extorted by some individuals who threatened the family. So his parents decided to move and live peacefully in the city of love, Iloilo City in May year 1985.

Jonas with his family and cousins.

Jonas Lozano Career Highlights

Together with Lozano were other talented Ilonggo artists hand-picked by Rannie Raymundo as Label Artists: On Da Spot, Soulful Duo, and Francis' Playground to name a few. Also, Beer Balasabas was being taken under the fold much earlier.

Jonas Lozano for Boss Rannie Raymundo's Artist Spotlight Show

After a year of submitting songs under Madhouse Radio, Lozano joined NewVibe Ph. He released his first recording on Spotify and other major digital music platforms on March 22, 2022. He released his second song called "Kanta Ni Kring2" on July 24, 2022, with the help of colleagues, especially VJ Shy Guibone (Karen Acuyong) of OLKISROTOM.

Other NewVibe Artists from Manila came to Iloilo City to perform at the launching of Jonas Lozano as one of the NewVibe Ph Artists together with RainsBand, Francis' Playground, and X-Komunikado on April 23, 2022, at Robinsons Malls Iloilo Main. 

Recently, Jonas and the other NewVibe Ph artists went to Davao for a show.

In our interview, one of the most significant events for Lozano was when he had numerous and overwhelming radio and TV appearances. There were 
posters online while his songs topped the online radio music charts.

Music Charts

Jonas Lozano Music Charts
Jonas Lozano Music Charts

"Gusto Ko Sana" and "Kanta Ni Kring" in Madhouse Top 20
"I Will" and "That Angel Is You" in Waswabe District Weekly Top 10.

"Gusto Ko Sana" and "Kanta Ni Kring" by Jonas Lozano on Spotify

"Gusto Ko Sana" and "Kanta Ni Kring" on Spotify

Appearances and Participations

TVC - Guested for Lola del Rosario Shows

Musika Mo Fish Sauce of DJ Dence Sadim in Nagoya, Japan under Pinoy Online Radio: He contributed original Christian music and a few secular songs from November 2021 up to April 2022 submitting different and new songs each week.

Musika Mo Fish Sauce, Madhouse Music, NewVibe Ph

Lozano felt he was overwhelmed by what it was and would want to stay grounded. 

"I never wished to be popular or even noticed. I just wanted my songs to be heard. I am enjoying the process. All the gigs and appearances indeed gave me a delightful feeling. It was nice and overwhelming. All these experiences gave me a realization and inspired me to do more and be better." Jonas Lozano shared.

"The source of hope, strength, and inspiration for my compositions is God and Kring." Lozano aadded.


Jonas Lozano, and Friends Joseph Vargas, Roger Caballero, and Ijah Patron.
In the photo: Jonas Lozano, and Friends Joseph Vargas, Roger Caballero, and Ijah Patron.

"Amongst the people who backed me up, performing with Sir Joseph Jhansel Vargas as my lead guitar player, Roger Caballero on drums, and Ijah Patron on Bass is one of my most favorite." Lozano Cited.

Joseph Jhansel Vargas is a frontline and vocalist of a local band Soul Station. While Roger Caballero is also a local musician acing drums and Ijah Patron is a young and promising solo artist who's also a lead guitar player, who volunteered to play bass for Jonas Lozano.

"These guys are one of the very few people who stayed and supported me during this little musical journey. I thank them for being so patient with me and for being so welcoming of me despite my negative attributes." he added.

Upcoming Performances

Jonas Lozano will be having a Special Performance playing his all-original tracks on the 26th of November 2022 at Cubix Park Iloilo with his friends Joseph Jhansel Vargas on lead guitar, Roger Caballero on drums, and Ijah Patron on bass.

This mini-event will also feature other local indie bands such as The Latecomers, Ondaspot,  and Soul Station. The music event will start at 8 in the evening. See the poster for more details. 

Indie Nights with Jonas Lozano
Indie Nights with Jonas Lozano is front-acted by other local bands from Iloilo City. 

It is going to be a memorable event because it is a gratitude performance by Lozano to his friends, family, and supporters. 

"I would like to special mention my love, Kring and Kravh Garcia for the financial support. Your generosity will go a long way." Lozano mentioned. 
As per Lozano, time is not yet certain for him. He plans to snooze for a little while doing other things. His music will continue to entertain people. His songs are available for streaming via Spotify and other music platforms.

"I leave you with a Shakespeare quote that says, "If music be the food of love, play on.” Lozano ended.

Youtube videos by Iloilo Music Scenes

Jonas Lozano Contact Information

For more information, and if you wish to collaborate, feel free to reach Jonas through him via email at

Note from the Author: Jonas Lozano is an amazing person and a man full of kindness. He is a great artist and a humble soul. May we find inspiration from his story and continue to rise up for the better. 

Share this story to inspire more people. 

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