Cebu Pacific Advisory: Peak Travel Reminders for the Holiday Season

Cebu Pacific Advisory: Peak Travel Reminders for the Holiday Season
 Cebu Pacific Advisory: December 21, 2022

Cebu Pacific is working closely with airport authorities to ensure a smooth and easy passenger experience during the peak travel season as more people fly to celebrate Christmas and New Year with families and friends. 

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) removed the initial security screening equipment or x-ray machines at the entrances of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 4 on December 16 and at the NAIA Terminal 3 on December 20. 
This is a welcome initiative that Cebu Pacific fully supports as MIAA aims to reduce passenger queues at the airport. 
Security personnel is still present to check passengers’ travel documents.  Non-passengers have a different entrance where their belongings will still be subject to screening. 
Here are friendly reminders to make the travel experience for everyJuan less stressful this holiday season: 
1.       Be at the Airport early; Expect heavy road traffic   
Allot enough travel time to go to the airport and be at NAIA early. Make sure to check which Terminal your flight will be taking off from. Cebu Pacific (5J) passengers must proceed to NAIA Terminal 3, while Cebgo (DG) passengers must head to NAIA Terminal 4. 
Be at the Airport at least three (3) hours before a domestic flight, and at least four (4) hours before an international flight. Passengers traveling to Dubai are allowed to check in as early as seven (7) hours before departure.  
2.       Check-in Online  
Check-in via the official CEB mobile app or via the Manage Booking section of the CEB website. Both options are available from seven (7) days up to one (1) hour before the scheduled time of departure for domestic flights, and up to four (4) hours before scheduled departure for international fliers.   
Guests must also update contact details on their bookings so they will be notified of pre-flight reminders and flight changes.  
Passengers traveling domestically, who have checked in online and do not have bags to check in may proceed straight to the boarding gate. 
3.       Check Flight Information  
All check-in counters close one (1) hour before the scheduled time of departure to ensure there is ample time for all necessary pre-flight procedures. We encourage passengers to immediately proceed to their respective boarding gates. Boarding commences 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.  
Updated flight information may be viewed at  
4.       Self-Tag Luggage for Select Domestic Destinations  
Guests flying out of select domestic destinations (Manila, Davao, Clark, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, Bohol, Iloilo, and Zamboanga) are reminded to self-tag their check-in luggage prior to proceeding to counters for bag drops, in line with the airline’s contactless flight procedures.  
5. Single-Hand Carry and Exemptions 
Passengers must bring only one carry-on bag for a more convenient flight experience. The carry-on bag must not exceed 7kg in weight and can fit in the overhead bins or under the seat.  
CEB has exempted items that are allowed aside from the single hand-carried bag:  
·         Gadgets or food items that cannot be checked in;  
·         Items purchased inside the airport (requires proof of receipt);  
·         Assistive or medical items such as walking canes, and foldable walkers;  
·         Baby food and necessities for passengers traveling with infants;  
·         Or a small bag that can fit under the seat. 
6.       Checked Baggage Policy 
Passengers are encouraged to purchase prepaid baggage before proceeding to the airport through the CEB website and mobile app. CEB has implemented a per-piece baggage policy that applies to all passengers with checked baggage. A passenger may choose either a 20kg or a 32kg check-in baggage, or a maximum of the (2) two options.  
Any excess in size, weight, and pieces are subject to oversized baggage fees, excess baggage fees, and/or extra Bag Fees.  
We are grateful to everyJuan for choosing to fly with us this holiday season. We look forward to more travels with you, your friends, and your families in 2023. CEB now flies to a total of 34 domestic and 19 international destinations.  
Visit or message Charlie the Chatbot on the website for more information. 

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