"I'm Afraid": The Reason Why I Don't buy Commercial Products Anywhere

TRUE ORGANIC: The reason why I don't buy commercial items from anywhere is that, "I am afraid."
"I'm afraid" of what it contains.
Four years ago, I realized how important to notice the things we used daily (and this is something commonly neglected by many.) I discovered that most commercial products within our reach will harm me, may harm you and your little ones!
How? These cheap brands we are using daily, which we always think we could save money for buying them (which are actually not!) contains harmful chemicals such as cocamide-dea, triethanolamine, sodium laurel sulfate, dimetichone, talc and a lot more!
So everytime I shop for my needs, I make sure to "READ THE LABELS" and assess. Most people don't do that. Hmmm. Bout' ya?

In connection, this item I am holding is just "one" of the organic products I use. This is a 2in1 Shampoo and Body wash. Similarly, there are other products which are 2in1- shampoo and conditioner. However it compromises how a shampoo works which is to 'clean the scalp' and compromises how a conditioner works which is to 'condition the hair'. This is special and absolutely not like those. This 2in1 product is a "shower-shampoo" rather than "shampoo-conditioner" and ya, I strongly recommend this, esp if you have super sensitive skin and scalp. The scent is just wonderful. 🌿
And...this is all organic! True organic. It does not contain harmful chemicals mentioned above.
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Where to buy?: Shop here @ G LIFESTYLE SHOP !
Product Name: Truffle Essence 2in1 Shampoo and Body Wash
Package: 250mL/bottle
Price: USD $ 16.00

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