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What I did in Cebu: Let me show you a bit of my trip to Cebu!

During our quick stay, we had a wonderful day with the lovely marine and tropical animals at Cebu Ocean Park! This day-tour was enough to feed our hungry selves with such awesomeness all over the place.

What to expect in Cebu Ocean Park? 
This tourist spot in Cebu recently open this September 2019, and is still on soft opening. (Check put their website for their grand opening.) The facilities were almost complete, and according to their staffs, there are already many tourists coming in and out everyday. 
The whole facility is clustered into parts: a jungle trek where you will be able to see beautiful birds flying around and some tropical marine animals inside huge aquariums; jaw-dropping exhibits of most rare species of animals such as amphibians, reptiles, arachnids, etc.; different aquariums sizes filed with beautiful small to medium-sized marine creatures; a tunnel where you can see small to medium-sized sharks, sting rays and a lot more (which mostly I can no longer identify).


Season’s Treats at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo | Press Release

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for sweet indulgences to savor and to share with loved ones! At the Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, expect a treasure trove of mouthwatering baked goodies you can include in your holiday celebrations and Christmas lists for family and friends.

Satisfy cravings for a sweet and salty treat with Richmonde’s famous Ensaymada. This best-selling delicacy is soft, buttery, cheesy and delicious all over. And with its generous size, it’s a filling snack that’s perfect for the holidays especially if paired with a hot cup of native tsokolate. The Richmonde Ensaymada also comes in ube flavor.

Another signature pastry, the Richmonde Chocolate Cake, with its moist, velvety smoothness and rich, fudgy flavor, is another favorite that you can buy at Richmonde. This season, it gets a holiday makeover to spruce up your Christmas dessert table and bring some holiday cheer. It comes in 4”, 6” and 8” sizes.

Since Ilonggos are known for their sweet tooth, Richmonde Hotel Il…

Deco's Batchoy Valeria goes Ramen-style | Press Release

Deco's Batchoy Valeria goes Ramen-style

Ilonggos can enjoy a bowl of hot and steamy delicious Deco's La Paz Batchoy in a clean, convenient and vibrant environment in its Valeria Branch, Iloilo City.
Located at La Salette Building, Deco's Valeria features an eat-and-watch design wherein customers can see their batchoy being prepared at the counter.

Its walls depict Ilonggo culture and heritage, making the Valeria branch not just a great dining location but also perfect for picture taking for both locals and tourists.
Deco's La Paz Batchoy Valeria is the second Deco's branch that features a Ramen house-style design with a touch of Ilonggo culture and heritage. The other one is Deco's in Robinsons Place Jaro.
With Iloilo City a venue for Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE), SB Magalona Alliance, the licensed operator of Deco's La Paz Batchoy is keen on revolutionizing the look of a batchoyan in Iloilo to make it more exciting and safe for guest…

Everything Makes Me Cry These Days

As I watch the Barbie Kids adorably show cuteness and simply havingfun on stage, I honestly can’t stop my tears from falling. I know I’m distressed (everyone goes thru this) and everything these days makes me emotional. Watching everyone, makes me remember my self when I was little when I had no responsibilities, no expectations to achieve, no people to please, no heartaches, no troubles. A time where “I can simply do anything and just be anything!”

When I was little, I used to have Barbie Dolls with me whom I can always talk to. Who else haven’t played a Barbie Doll during childhood, right? Even daddies do! Amidst of my unfavorable and unstable emotional self, joy, confidence and cuteness spiced up the season. But it made me cry more! I miss the simplicity of life and the support and comforting hugs of my mom. The kids are totally making me cry (I don’t know why). I have recapped many things I still want to do in life, all my petty aspirations to keep pushing. I have been wanting so…

Things you should do before and after massage

Whenever you are tired or you just feel like relaxing, a remarkable massage is a must. Visiting a spa at least once a month is advisable, and it will make you more healthy and productive. A massage may be expensive but having one once in a while is a good self-investment. A healthy activity that may help you boost your drive, energy and health status. According to studies, having a nice massage relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation. It also reduces stress and improves skin tone.

If you think you’ve been abusing your body, having a massage is necessary so that you can function well.

This simple and short article aims to give tips and help guide first timers to ensure a wonderful experience. The following items are the things you should and shouldn’t do before and after a wonderful massage:

Do’s before the massage:

1. Book an Appointment. Make sure to call and make a reservation if you are planning to visit a massage center. Establishments, are usually full especially on the w…

SMC to use biodegradable plastics packaging | Press Release

SMC to use biodegradable plastics packaging
San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is set to become the first Filipino company to utilize fully-certified biodegradable plastic packaging.

The company said it is tapping a local firm that has been developing and testing the technology for the last five years, which SMC is initially set to use for food and non-food products, such as cement and feed sacks, grocery bags and food and other single-use plastic packaging.

The move will be the newest addition to San Miguel’s sustainable business models, which include the zero-waste returnable glass bottle system, and manufacturing processes following circular economy principles--where by-products are re-used to create other products.

SMC president and chief operating officer Ramon S. Ang said that it is partnering with Philippine Bioresins Corporation, a small but innovative company, that has successfully developed and tested biodegradable plastics.

“Initially, we will use it for cement packaging. What we will…

San Miguel Corporation debuts PH's first recycled plastic road | Press Release

San Miguel Corporation debuts PH’s first recycled plastics road

Conglomerate San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has taken another major step in the area of sustainability, by laying the first recycled plastics road in the Philippines.

Asphalt using plastics were laid on a 1,500-square meter pilot test site at a new logistics center in General Trias, Cavite. The test site was chosen as it will be used primarily as a marshalling area for trucks with heavy loads, including 18-wheelers, and heavy equipment.

SMC president Ramon S. Ang said: “What we want to achieve is to help address an important environmental issue, and that is plastic wastes. We want to create a sustainable use for waste plastics so that they don’t end up in landfills and our rivers and oceans."

Some 900 kilos of plastic waste, equivalent to some 180,000 sachets and plastic bags, were used for the test site. 

SMC’s technology partner, global materials science company Dow, said that recycled plastic waste acts as a binder toget…

A Dazzling Christmas Unfolds at Iloilo Business Park | Press Release

A Dazzling Christmas Unfolds at Iloilo Business Park | Press Release  Megaworld’s 72-hectare township development ushers in the merriest season of the year with its sparkling 40-foot Christmas Tree and giant lighted installations at the ‘Enchanted Forest of Lights’

Mandurriao, Iloilo City – Property giant Megaworld’s Iloilo Business Park officially kicked off the Christmas season with a dazzling display of lights and color as over 38 giant animal installations lit up along Megaworld Boulevard, Festive Walk Mall, Festive Walk Parade, and Plaza Delgado.

With a ‘nostalgic childhood Christmas’ becoming the theme of this year’s decorations, bright lights and lively performances took center stage at the Festive Walk Mall Outdoor Atrium, which culminated with the lighting of the 40-foot Christmas Tree. The ceremonies were led by Iloilo City Councilor Jay Treñas, Iloilo Business Park vice president for sales and marketing Jennifer Palmares-Fong, and Festive Walk Iloilo general manager Buford Tan…

Travel: Lovely Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort, San Joaquin Iloilo

What can we make if we talk to God in a peaceful place? 
A millenial like me would always want something fun and nice after many days of hectic schedule. I could just frown if I am rushed and pressured by others; to live life fast is something I persoanlly don't like. I don't want to compete with time. I believe that life must be enjoyed slowly.
Traveling is my medicine. It is my way to improve my self. It is one best way to I reflect and thank God, how He made my life so beautiful and perfect. Oh, how I love His gift these days and forever; the "luxury of time". Now, I can definitely say yes to most opportunities coming my way. I have been traveling for free, and more free trips coming my way.

I still can't forget my trip with my friends at Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort in San Joaquin. God really knows when to give a day for rest and fun. It was a quick getaway, but that day was filled with so much fun and so many good memories to keep. In addition, Rosma Pebbled Co…