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Iloilo City local brands tied up with foodpanda

foodpanda partners with local restaurants in the City of Love ILOILO, PHILIPPINES -- Grounded on its advocacy of helping local restaurants nationwide, foodpanda, an on-demand food delivery service in the Philippines, partnered with three restaurants in Iloilo City so that Ilonggos could have a taste of specially made food and drinks at a reasonable price.foodpanda definitely has got your love for food covered by sharing the great stories of three of their restaurant partners and how the platform helped their business:

Akamon Ramen Bar started out in 2018 as a small ramen shop in a food park located in Iloilo City. Back then, it was still called Ramen Raku until they decided to take a big leap and opened a stand-alone ramen restaurant in SM Strata this year. The new name, Akamon, means a red gate (door) in Japanese.Mr. Bryan Te, owner of Akamon Ramen Bar, started the business, wanting to serve authentic Japanese food to its customers in hopes of becoming one of the leading ramen chains i…

308 families finally home after a fateful oil spill

It’s an ecstatic feeling for the 308 families to be finally home after being enforced to leave their houses after a fateful oil spill incident occurred in Iloilo City-Guimaras Straight last July 3rd.

Proficiently, the AC Energy Philippines who are mainly responsible for the barge and stakeholders were able to continue the support and completed the return of the total 308 households to their respective houses last Saturday, July 18.The community reintegration was a collaborative effort of the multi-stakeholders task force composed of the various barangays in Iloilo City, the Iloilo City Government, and its several offices, the Philippine Coast Guard, and AC Energy Philippines with its consultant AECOM Philippines and cleanup contractor Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc.There were imperative sets of parameters developed and implemented by the multi-stakeholders for the reintegration of the community to ensure the safe return of the evacuated families to their homes. Also, the people from…

More Power reaps support from Iloilo business and transport groups

The operation of the new distribution utility More Electric and Power Corp. (MORE Power) is supported by Iloilo City business and transport leaders.In separate media reports, the two groups cited that MORE Power’s effort to correct the city’s existing electricity distribution system is expected to encounter troubles and result in scheduled power disturbances.The Iloilo City’s varied business association Iloilo Economic Development Foundation (ILEDF) released a statement through its Executive Director, Francis Gentoral saying that ILEDF is confident that MORE Power remains true to its commitment to provide transparent service and has never shielded away from informing the public of the unscheduled power interruption, their durations, and causes.Iloilo City Loop Alliance of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association (ICLAJODA) ‘s president Raymundo Parcon also applauded MORE Power’s energy and diligence for doing a massive preventive maintenance in all its substations and upgrading distr…

AC Energy Philippines and Stakeholders rehab efforts over Iloilo oil spill

AC Energy Philippines and Stakeholders rehab efforts over Iloilo oil spill
AC Energy Philippines and its consultant AECOM Philippines with its cleanup contractor Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc., proactively conducted an intensive walk through to evaluate the progress on cleanup of the various barangays affected by the oil spill last July 3, 2020 together with Iloilo City Government and its various active offices, the Philippine Coast Guard and some barangays in Iloilo City.

The multi-stakeholders task force has competently developed a set of guidelines for the safe return of the community to their homes. As reported, there were 323 households relocated after the incident and 37 households were already surveyed and the task force continues to assess the other families in the next following days. This represents the initial step for families to safely return to their homes following the community clean-up activities done by the multi-agency team of stakeholders.

The Head of AC Energy Ph…

Joining Obsolete Systems Will Hurt You

Obsolete Systems: “You need Multiple Accounts to Maximize Earnings” is definitely a BIG LIE! This quick and indirect overview is for those who are in and who was once into obsolete systems called pyramiding. 

Joining Obsolete Systems May Hurt You: Joining an opportunity does not necessarily require you to shell out big amounts of money; you can always start small. Coz’ no money is small if you have worked so hard to earn it. That is why, you must be watchful and think many times before investing your money. 
Many people are looking for activities and opportunities that may help their lives become better, by at least having additional streams of income, especially this season of pandemic. And there comes predators taking advantage of your weak emotions and trying to steal your money away by letting you engage to something you do not understand. They will call it a life-changing-opportunity or whatever. And once they got you blinded; promises and unrealistic things follow; you get an acco…