MORE Power and Iloilo City strive for Zero Fire Cases in the metro

Iloilo City Government, MORE Power, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), and other stakeholders are closely working together to achieve zero fire cases in the city. 

It is known that jumpers, unauthorized load connections, open wirings, substandard service wires, and lack of awareness/negligence are the common causes of fire incidents. With the effort to eradicate electrical fire incidents in highly populated areas, the Iloilo City government has taken the lead in launching an Integrated Approach to Fire Prevention program. 

MORE Power and Iloilo City for Zero Fire Cases in the Metro
MORE Power and Iloilo City for Zero Fire Cases in the Metro

"The city government is working with MORE Power on the integrated approach to the fire prevention program. The fire incidents in Iloilo City are mostly preventable and due to illegal electric connections.” Iloilo City Mayor Jerry TreƱas said. 

The said initiative aims to achieve specific objectives such as ensuring all service lines are jumper-free; rehabilitation of the old Elevated Metering Centers (EMCs) and over-extended low-lying wires; validating and converting unauthorized load-side connections; and institutionalizing fire safety through community involvement. 

Implementation of this program will be in four phases, starting with the deployment of line sweepers to conduct thorough inspections of secondary lines, service drops, metering facilities, flying connections, and loop connections.

Households apprehended for unauthorized load-side connection violations are to be converted and regularized through the MORE Konek program.

Moreover, old EMCs and over-extended low-lying wires will also be rehabilitated. The program will give priority to fixing the vulnerable barangays in Iloilo City. 

“We need to work closely with MORE Power and the barangays to legalize electric connections to prevent fire incidents in the city. Funds of the city going to financial assistance can be put to better use" the Mayor added.

To ensure that corrective measures are implemented, MORE Power will work in collaboration with barangay officials, the BFP, OBO/CEO, and its own distribution engineers.

Seminars were conducted to achieve a zero fire case in Iloilo City.

Moreover, MORE Power will enforce a series of seminars on the Information, Education, and Communication program (IEC) tackling electrical and fire safety, as well as RA 7832 together with the BFP.

The Local Government Unit of Iloilo City, MORE Power, BFP, and leaders of the local communities desire to achieve the target of zero fire incidents within six months.

Iloilo City Government’s leadership demonstrates how valuable partnership and collaboration are, as well as the importance of collective efforts to prevent incidents like fire to make homes and communities safer.

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