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Natural Solution: Baldness is not forever !

"Who said that baldness is forever!!!

I totally disagree with the idea that baldness is just normal, and once someone have it, you have to accept that it won't grow again, coz it is forever.

This informative post will give hope to all men and women suffering from hair loss and gradual baldness due to many factors including health conditions, age, stress, HDT, hereditary, menopausal, physical and harsh chemical treatments, etc.

I believe that baldness, thinning of hair or whatever you call it, is something that we can fix. I can personally testify that I was one of the ladies who terribly maltreated my hair by coloring it, heat-styling, etc. I experienced alarming hair fall way back few months. So, I decided to eat a more balanced food (eating more fiber-rich food) and tried Gugo Hair Wonder ,a white and sturdy organic shampoo in a bar form produced for dlc shareconomy inc and distributed by Hair Wonders Philippines. 

I used the shampoo bar daily for almost 5 straight months …

Renowned Artist Nune Alvarado Launches First Exhibit in ILOMOCA entitled, 'Songs from the Sea'

In the coastal city of Sagay in Negros Occidental, Filipino artist Nunelucio Alvarado has made not only a home but a community.

"Inaawitan ko ang dagat," sats Alvarado of the peace he found in this place -- the kind that has paved the way for a new kind of prosperity, one that feeds back into his community to enrich the lives of its members through art.

His latest series of paintings and objects dubbed as "Stories of Restoration, Songs from the Sea" is composed of works that appear to be a far cry from the jarring depictions of life in the cane fields and mills for which Alvarado has been known. Instead, the artist takes inspiration from the community he helped create, giving back through art what he himself has gained after over three decades of practice.

"Tonight marks another milestone for us at Megaworld Foundation as we celebrate the first year since we ventured into the intricate world of museum management, and already we are closing the year with yet a…

Iloilo Shines with Banaag Festival 2018’s Amazing Light Show | Press Release

Fresh from being hailed as the Philippines’ Best Municipal Festival at the recently held 2018 Pearl Awards, the highly anticipated 14th Banaag Festival in Anilao, Iloilo drew excited tourists from all over the country who came to witness the much talked about Festival of Lights and the spectacular culminating program that set the night blaze with beautiful dancing flames last October 31.

Following the symbolic lighting of the torch, which was lead by Iloilo 4th District Congressman Ferjenel “Dok Ferj” Biron, along with Anilao Mayor Lee Ann Debuque and Anilao Vice Mayor Matet Debuque, this year’s Banaag Festival presented fierce and more enchanting cultural presentations of eight competing tribes vying for the coveted Banaag Festival Dance Drama Competition Championship.

Banaag Festival is a cultural tradition in Anilao, Iloilo which was inspired by local sentinels during the Spanish era who guarded bamboo watchtowers and warned residents of incoming pirates by lighting the torch as a si…

Four Choices To Make Money

We understand that living our lives with limited resources will make us feel unfulfilled and unsuccessful most of the time. I am here writing this post to open up an idea that will surely blow your mind and will change your outlook towards life. Learn new things on how to acquire time and financial freedom by owning your non-traditional business.

Opportunity Ahead
by Diamond Georgina, Ph

According to Robert Kyosaki, there are only 4 ways to acquire income. Get ready, sit back and relax,  as we discuss wonderful ideas.

Thefirst way to earn is through employment. It enables you the freedom to choose a job (or a work) that you like to do from 9 to 5. However, employment limits your potential becoming a greater you because you are sense-fully building your boss' dream and not your dreams. I am not saying that being employed is bad, but what we are trying to input is employment isn't the way if you want to earn a satisfactory income and even a better life.

Secondway to earn is through S…


Banaag ~ The Philippines’ Best Tourism Municipal Festival

More people are expected to flock to the charming town of Anilao, Iloilo this month to witness for
themselves the much-awaited and talked about festivities of what has been officially proclaimed
as the Best Tourism Municipal Festival in the country -- the Anilaonon’s very own Banaag Festival.

Also known as the Festival of Lights, the Banaag Festival is a cultural tradition in Anilao, Iloilo which was inspired by local sentinels during the Spanish era who guarded bamboo watchtowers and
warned residents of incoming pirates by lighting the torch as a signal to flee. Thus, the torch became a precious symbol of unity for the Anilaonons, and this beautiful burning light has become the source of pride and inspiration for the people throughout the years.

In line with Anilao’s 79th Foundation Anniversary this year, the 14th Banaag Festival brings in more reasons to celebrate after being recently proclaimed as the Grand Winner of Best T…

Dok Ferj Biron revels plans for Iloilo's economic empowerment

#DokFerj – the man behind landmark bills in Congress – is all set to implement policies that will transform Iloilo into an economically competitive province with the development of economic zones that will generate employment, provide greater opportunities for business, build more infrastructure, and improve access to health care and better education.
In a media conference held on the day he filed his certificate of candidacy for Iloilo’s 2019 gubernatorial elections, Congressman Ferjenel Biron shared how his four terms as Iloilo 4th District Representative shaped his vision for the overall development of the province.
A self-made man who rose from the pits of poverty to finish his degree in medicine and put up his own pharmaceutical business, #DokFerj Biron is known as the “working congressman” who authored significant bills such as the Cheaper Medicine Act of 2008, Food and Drug Administration Act, Gift Check Act, Ease of Doing Business Act, among many others.
According to #DokFerj, it…

Why do we judge when we don’t want to be judged?

By Carla Jane Muega

That is the question that popped in my head while thinking of people doing actions that are considered wrong by others and by the society.

Do we feel nice if we judge people? I guess we just feel righteous. We can say that they should have done what is right but they chose to do what is wrong.

Do we still feel nice or righteous if we get judged by people? Certainly not, in contrast we feel awful. Mainly because people judge us for the wrong things we do without even asking us what makes us do those things, not that we blame them for our own wrongful actions, but we want them to at least understand us in some way.

This led me to a thought so deep you don’t even want to try diving into. Of course that’s a joke so don’t judge me. Again, I’m just kidding.

What if instead of judging people, let’s try to encourage them to do better next time? Let’s help them forgive themselves and move on from the failure? Why don’t we teach them to learn from their mistakes and avoid ma…

Ilongga Women Soaring High: Connected Women; #SheMeansBusiness

It all started with a cup of coffee and a bowl of soup, the experience begun. I entered the premise with a bundle of adrenaline rushing because I was a little bit late. I was not bothered and just went straight to the registration booth and saw some friendly fellows who organized the event. I gladly smiled to the usherette who led me to the table filled with women wearing different styles of suits but surely with the same goal like mine, to learn.

Connected Women was founded to create an interactive group of strong empowered women to share tips, stories, ideas and provide unlimited opportunities available for every woman. Gina Romero is the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women and now gradually growing across the Asia and soon to the whole world. She aims to let every woman empower each other by connecting to the world, share and help whatever means possible.

During the #SheMeansBusiness event held in Iloilo City, a sweet city in the heart of the Philippines, Gina believes that it is t…

Money Under 30: A Brighter Life with Sun Life

Everybody wants a good future! A bright future where you can do things you love and get whatever you want. We understand that earning money is difficult while spending it is too easy. That's why we needed something or someone to guide us and teach us about finances and how to become prompt and wise in both saving and spending money.

A quote says that "it's not about how much you earn but it's your habit of spending and saving." I guess its true. It doesn't count whether you have a good-paying job or a fast income-generating business; its the way you handle and use your money.

For most millennial like me, we are a generation labeled as "magastos" and always living a yolo-lifestyle. We all love to spend and enjoy life now rather than save it for the future. We believe that life is now and let tomorrow worry about itself. It must be true! Nobody wants a life full of stress either.

One of the positive side about being a millennial is that with all the acce…

Piolo Pascual: Keeping His Promises

Relationships are built on promises: the promise to love, to care, to secure, to protect, and to provide. This is something that Piolo Pascual knows all too well, committed as he is to the promises he has made to his family as a son, a sibling, and a father.

But when financial troubles arise, bringing such promises to life becomes a challenge.
“Like any other person, I want to give my family the best life possible. I am a man of my word. And that’s why I work hard and seize every opportunity that comes my way,” Piolo said. “But more than just earning money, it’s how you manage your finances that makes a difference. Fortunately, I have the guidance and help of one very special lady: my very own sister, Chiqui Pascual-Gonzales, who also happens to be my Sun Life Advisor.”

According to Piolo, Chiqui has been instrumental in ensuring that his dreams for his family will all come true. “It’s a partnership through and through. With her help, I’ve been able to make it all happen. All these while…

Options Boutique Opens Their Newest Branch in Festive Walk Mall, Iloilo City

Iloilo City is fast growing as it opens 5 beautiful malls in one year. Festive Walk Mall in Megaworld Boulevard, Manduriao is just one of the city's latest attraction. Mall-goers are sure enjoying the perks of being tourists in their own sweet city.

Options Boutique opens their newest branch in Festive Walk Mall Iloilo. It is a trendy fashion hub that sells simple to elegant designs; collection pieces from tops, dresses, shoes, accessories, bags, belts, everything!

During the branch opening, a quick fashion show entertained the guest wearing some latest collections of Options Boutique.

The store is located at the second floor of Festive Walk Mall, Megaworld Boulevard, Manduriao, Iloilo City. It also offers not just fashion collections but gives you as a shopper an exciting feeling whenever you wear each piece made and designed locally and most bought from abroad.

The owners loved to travel and whenever they do, they make sure to bring some fashionable pieces that their collectors/loya…